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Help about big event-NFL Play off competition

My problem is: I was playing in big event play off comment competition. In January I made 3 picks and after I won I had +2.7 units profit. Then, on 2nd February, for Super Bawl (which is play off final so it is part of play off ), I made 3 more picks, won 2 lost one and made profit of +1 units. So, that is total of 6 picks and +3.7 units profit for NFL play off comment competition. But when you look at table there is only 3 picks and +2.7 profit next to my nickname.I already send mail to support and got some answer, something like, you submitted in two different months, so two competitions...I really do not understand what they want to say? As I understand, this competition is not related with month, because when I go on competition table, I can not select table for December, January or February, there is one single table for whole play off. So, as I understand, this competitons start when play off starts and end when play off ends.Am I right?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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