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Types of water tanks
Types of water tanks 

Types of tanks are distributed among ground tanks, upper tanks, sheet tank, fiberglass tank, reinforced concrete tank and plastic tanks.

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 Ground reservoirs are those that we find in the outer courtyard of the place. The upper ones are those that exist at the top of the house for example. The tin tank is of its name, made of sheet metal, with its exterior and inside coating with a stainless material. The fiberglass tank is made of fiberglass.
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 A reinforced concrete tank that depends on its manufacture on reinforced concrete. 

Plastic designed to collect water in it like other reservoirs.

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 Water tanks such as other freezers need periodic care and cleaning to remove any residue, sediment and dirt found in reservoirs that can cause several health problems.

They may affect the taste and smell of drinking water. 

Organic such as algae that are present on the sides of the tank. Sediments are some types of minerals such as calcium that settle at the bottom of a water tank, or some small metal particles that enter the water tank due to some disturbances during water flow or a defect in pipes or plumbing systems. 

There are many simple methods used to clean water tanks, such as removing sediment after removing water from the tank and disinfection, and the other way is to clean deposits from the bottom of the tank directly.
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